1848 Meetinghouse

History: The East Hawley Meetinghouse was built in 1848. The builders used some of the materials from the old meetinghouse that stood on the town common a mile and a quarter to the north. SDH acquired the building from the town of Hawley in 1980. SDH replaced the missing steeple and has continued the work of restoring and maintaining the building ever since. SDH completed the restoration in the fall of 2021 when it repainted the ceiling of the nave.

The meetinghouse is the only public building in Hawley suitable for concerts and other large gatherings, such as SDH’s annual meeting. Alice Parker, a nationally known choral director, composer, and resident of Hawley, who has led community sings in the meetinghouse, praises the venue’s excellent acoustics. Hawley has no stores, cafes, or other gathering places—no downtown. The meetinghouse and the Grove building across the street, plus the firehouse a short distance away, along with the town office on Pudding Hollow Road in West Hawley, constitute the heart of our community.

Access: The meetinghouse is handicapped accessible from the rear of the building where handicapped parking is located. Restrooms are across the street in the Grove building.